Sunday, February 22, 2004

VICAR CANCELS PAPER, CALLS FOR CENSORSHIP: Pastor LaRoy from somewhere in Tennesse has cancelled his subscription to the local paper, The Tennessean, and is now agitating for local churches to boycott the title. The reason? It ran a picture of the Madonna-Britney kiss to illustrate it's Valentine Day's feature. Never mind that the picture has been shown and reproduced everywhere in the world, never mind the paper called it "Most infamous kiss ever" rather than, say, "Check out the chicks"; never mind that the entire bloody world knows that it was two famous people showing off for the cameras - oh, no, LaRoy is convinced it's all part of a moral decline: "I am sick and tired of the gay and lesbian agenda taking over our media." Erm... what gay and lesbian agenda would that be, exactly? Had the secret gay cabal living in one of the uprights of the Golden Gate Bridge (why do you think it's painted pink?) decided to try and turn people, I'm sure they'd have come up with a sexier coupling than Madonna and britney (ie. Britney and any woman other than Madonna). Oddly enough, the pastor was equally incensed that the woman who operates the subscription line didn't make any editorial apology on the spot.

We're guessing he's just pissed off they didn't run madonna/christina's snog.

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