Monday, February 23, 2004

WE MADE A PROMISE TO A LADY: Less than a year ago, Jennifer Ellison made a promise that she was going to abandon the 'tight and revealing' outfits that had made her famous. We offered to help out, as we thought it might be a tricky transition. Now, almost as if she hadn't got any attention whatsoever (no follow up to the Transvision Vamp cover, Jen?), she seems to have stumbled slightly:

though probably not enough material to be tight

Doubtless she kept all her clothes on for her cover shoot for this month's Maxim, and the beastly boys have just airbrushed them out. Unless she's decided to abandon her pledge, and all but the briefest of undergarments, in a bid to restart a stalled career? I'm Still A Celebrity, I'll Get Them Out In Here?

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