Thursday, March 18, 2004

AFTER COURTNEY, HOW BAD COULD IT BE?: Presumably identifying Courtney Love's appearance as a nadir, Letterman has decided to invite Janet Jackson on. It's probably some sort of sign of the age that 'Letterman books Janet' is a headline - but we wouldn't take this as a sign that America is starting to get over the shock of nearly seeing a nipple briefly.

In fact, if anything, the signs are worse: MTV has just forced Fountains of Wayne to re-edit their video. The cause of offence? Ten year olds lip-synching to the song - and, apparently, that pushes it a bit too far, because one of the words of the song is "wine."

Thank God Britain is a bit more sensible - although The Daily Star managed to find room amongst its tits-out lovelies to run a quote from the director of MediaWatch (Mary Whitehouse's bunch of paranoid virgins) condemning both Footballer's Wives gay sex scene and the planned proper Corrie Gay Kiss. More space is found in the paper from the same stable as those endless porn channels at the top end of the Sky EPG for Doctor Adrian Rogers to claims that "70% of people will find this scene uncomfortable, shocking and distasteful." We find it difficult to believe that seven out of ten people in Britain don't actually set foot outside the front door ourselves, but we're sure the good doctor wouldn't actually be making up factstistics, would he? Britain is more sensible, though, and these people are left to quietly print up their handbills and make their websites, like that bunch who campaign against the logos in the corner of the screen, and aren't actually given the keys to the Ofcom offices.

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