Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ARE THINGS REALLY THAT BAD IN AMERICA?: While we don't totally disagree with Something Awful's assessment of the music scene, we can't really throw our weight behind it, either. There's no imaginable world in which things are so bad Oasis' mid-period is going to sound any good. Yes, if Oasis were brand new now, they would sound like the best new band, the brightest hope - precisely because they wouldn't yet have made grinding eye-goober like Roll With It or Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. They would, however, still be scheduled to become an awful, painful disappointment by the end of the year, though, because it would have been programmed into their DNA.

The other disturbing aspect of the piece is that the description of what's really needed comes out for them as sounding like it's Huey Lewis, whereas we thought they were going to be pushing The Darkness.

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