Monday, March 15, 2004

FURTADO IS PORTUGESE FOR 'FOOTBALL': Apparently, Nelly Furtado is "an obvious choice" for singing the Euro2004 theme tune. Why? Because she loves football? No. Because she plays football? No. Because, erm, she's half Portugese. Well, I suppose its more than the Welsh squad relies on. But Nelly was worried - after she'd had it explained to her that it was all to do with that sock-ker game:

"I used to play a little bit when I was a kid and all my family and cousins that have grown up loving football and crying when their team loses so I understand the passionate side of it and the romance of the game. When they asked me to do the football song, I went 'Oh, how am I gonna do it without being corny?'"

In the end, she decided not to worry - it's not like anyone in America's going to hear it. Or in Europe, come to that.

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