Thursday, March 18, 2004

GLAAD HANDING 50 CENT: Following on his stupid comments, The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have invited 50 Cent to their annual awards, hoping that he'll find out he has more in common with gay men than he might have thought. It's a touching idea - that spending an evening discussing work-out regimes and expensive underwear might turn 50 from a homophobe into a born-again tolerationist, but we can't see it working. GLAAD actually welcomed his statement that he doesn't like having gay people around him as being a first step for him in overcoming the desire to judge and overcoming prejudice, which seems an extraordinarily generous reading of his words in the Playboy interview - if acknowledging that you don't like gays is cool, will GLAAD be inviting those fuckwits who stand outside buildings with God Hates Fags banners to present some prizes too?

We hope 50 Cent turns up, though. He might, you know. There's going to be lesbians there, and as we know: Lesbians are cool.

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