Friday, March 19, 2004

I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE: What could persuade Spandau Ballet to set aside their differences and reform? Could it possibly be the piles of money being tossed in the direction of Duran Duran? So once again, then, the Spands trot quietly along in the wake of the Duranmobile. It really is like the 80s are repeating themselves.

Winningly, their spokesperson says: "Spandau Ballet have seen the success of Duran Duran and want to get in on the action. They want a piece of the nostalgia pie. There have been bitter rivalries. But they are finally willing to put them to one side to work again. The five of them believe they still have a lot to offer. They are very keen to work on new material and not just become a tribute band to the 1980s."

Mmm... I'll have a slice of nostalgia pie, please, if there's any going around.

Jimmy The Hoover have so far been unavailable for comment.

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