Thursday, March 18, 2004

JACKSON KEEPS KIDDIES: A hearing in Los Angeles has knocked back an attempt to get Michael Jackson's children taken into care. Gloria Allred, lawyer for the boy who Jackson gave millions to shut up last time, was seeking to have the Jacko Juniors made wards of court - it's not quite clear what her interest here was, besides perhaps answering the call that someone thinks of the children. Not unfairly, one of Jackson's lawers suggested there was a spot of grandstanding going on here:

"I think it would be best if people who have nothing to do with these proceedings stayed out of them rather than looking at Mr Jackson's case as a vehicle through which to engage in self-promotion."

Roy and Hayley Cropper are believed to have been on stand-by to look after the children had the bid been successful.

Just in case you're getting confused, there's a totally different bid by Debbie Rowe, mother of the eldest kids, to get custody which is being mediated by a judge.

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