Monday, March 15, 2004

ME AGAINST THE SHOEMAKERS: More trouble for Britney Spears, who's facing a legal struggle over the words 'In the zone'. San Diego's answer to Mike Baldwin, Rodd Garner, has been using the phrase for twelve years to help shift his sportswear, and is afraid that people will get confused now Britney's using it to flog half undressed slaves. His attorney claims:

"When people who buy T-shirts think of 'In the Zone,' they think of Lite Breeze. But now they may no longer think of Lite Breeze" when they hear the line."

To be honest, we doubt if (i) people who buy t-shirts with half-assed slogans think of anything much when they're making their purchases and (ii) if anyone ever thinks of Lite Breeze at all, unless it's in the phrase "Lite Breeze? Is that a still drink with real fruit juice?"

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