Tuesday, March 30, 2004

MICHAEL EAVIS: MORE BEMUSED THAN ANYTHING: Woah, watch the spat spiral out of control like a not-entirely-well sealed mixing bowl. Earlier, you'll recall, Justin was reported as calling Eavis a cunt and so on. Now, talking exclusively to nme.com, Eavis has responded:

They were fantastic here (last year). We recognised their talent straight away. We weren’t looking for The Darkness this year. It’s rare for a band to play two years running. But we were right on the case there, we really were."
"(Last year) we recognised the fact they were really good and there’s no suggestion that we rubbished them or thought they wouldn’t make it. No suggestion of that whatsoever."
"I hope at some point I can get some kind of apology because he’s got it all wrong. I’d like to meet the fella face to face and see what his gripe really is."

He just sounds really bemused by the whole thing. We're assuming that someone's kept the jibe about Glastonbury being about wearing hats from him, though, because that would really have got the sparks flying.

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