Monday, March 15, 2004

SOMEHOW WE DON'T QUITE BELIEVE THIS: The Darkness want a million quid to play Glasto? No disrespect to the Daily Mirror - it's not possible to disrespect any more a newspaper produced by chat show host Piers Morgan - but we don't believe it for a minute. It sounds to us like the band couldn't play Glastonbury and have made a flip "it'd cost you a million quid, Eavis" gag which is now getting reported as a factual demand.

We're also a little bit puzzled by the quote attributed to a "festival spokesman" that "no-one gets asked back two years in a row" - how come Billy Bragg's there every fucking year, then? And, just off the top of our heads, we remember Gomez getting excited over their leap up the bill from one year to the next; and we're certain Pulp did it two years running, and we have no doubt if we sat down with a pen and paper we'd come up with a huge list of artists who have trudged the mud two summers.

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