Thursday, March 18, 2004

SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE BY...: It was a night for the stars plus one last night - Ash shared the stage with Brian Robertson out of Thin Lizzy for a performance of The Boys Are Back In Town in Islington (although we can't think of any place less suited to 'the Boys are back' - "if the boys wanna discuss the new threshold for inheritance tax and its likely effect on house prices, you'd better let them?"); meanwhile, Jack White clambered onstage with Bob Dylan. They did one of White's tracks. It's not clear if this was negotiated or if Jack threatened to beat the crap out of Dylan if they didn't do it his way.

And the first night of the nme Brit Pack tour also pulled out the stars with Gaz Coombers and Kevin Rowland trotting down to Brighton to see the 20-20s, Zutons and Ordinary Boys.

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