Wednesday, March 17, 2004

WE MIGHT HAVE A WINNER: Jon Meyer, from the rather wonderful Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, writes with a suggestion about the horroscope album Acme were looking for, and it sounds like they're probably on the money:

Having seen your comment about how Acme Music Blog is searching for information about a zodiac album, I have sent them the following suggestion:
Is the album called "Signs Of The Zodiac" by Mort Garson? It is on

I have never heard it but an album answering that description was played by John Peel on his last ever Perfumed Garden programme on the offshore station Radio London on 14th August 1967. I have also seen it referred to as being by Cosmic Sounds (or even Cosmic Hounds in Mojo but that might just be a mis-print).

You think Mojo's bad now? Wait till they merge Just 17 into it...

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