Friday, April 02, 2004

60% SOLD ALREADY: 60,000 of the 100,000 Glastonbury tickets had been sold by 8 am - just twelve hours after they'd gone on sale. Michael Eavis had hoped that the new system of sales would mean tickets wouldn't sell out in 23 hours like last year - indeed, they won't; it'll probably be a lot quicker than that this time around: Five Live's breakfast show was taking complaints from people who've been up all night trying to get tickets and being able to get only engaged signals or frozen websites.

Intrestingly, BBC News Online reports "The 8pm start [of sales] was an attempt to dissuade touts and allow people who are at school or at work to buy tickets." Which is odd, since people who are at school all day would be too young to have a credit card anyway; and even if they did, how many schools are going to be delighted at having half their history class missing because they stayed up all night trying to log on to the Glastonbury website?

Any up on Ebay yet? Remember, only buy ones offered with an old gas bill alongside.

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