Sunday, April 11, 2004

AMERICA APPARENTLY RUNS OUT OF WOMEN: The staff at Maxim have drawn up another list of 'the 100 hottest women' and, somehow, have come to the conclusion that Jessica Simpson is the hottest star in the States right now. Jesus, even Avril Lavigne - currently reduced to plodding round shopping centres, like the scouts do when they pack your shopping (badly) for you in return for a (grudging) donation - even Avril has more star quality in her stupid tie than Simpson has in her Milky Way flipped head. They put Simpson ahead of Beyonce. These are people who have little more to do with their lives than draw up lists, you know. It's not like they had to squeeze coming up with 100 women in between a shift at the Frisco Burger drive-thru window and hitting the books for a history test. They don't spend the nights fighting evil. The maxim team are able to just sit down and spend a whole month thinking about the various merits of females of note in the continent, and even so - they put Jessica Simpson first.

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