Thursday, April 15, 2004

BLOODY HELL, HOW MANY TIMES DID THAT FAKE CLEANER COME BACK?: Whoever you want to believe, Courtney Love is in a bit of a (ho-ho) hole, apparently having debts of about four millions and possibly even having been swindled out of forty million dollars. What's more worrying is that it sounds as if Frances' trust fund has been emptied, too. Talking to Maxim, Courtney blames it all on a "fidicuary organisation", which surely would make it easy to sue them for breach of faith? It's claimed, though, that her dog walker was being paid USD100,000 - although, frankly, if you own a dog and can't be fagged to walk it yourself, you probably should expect to be ripped off - and that someone put a BMW on her credit card. Now, while you can have sympathy for people who have so much money when subtle pieces of thieving are done on the edges they don't notice - up to a point, of course - when your dog walker is better dressed than you are, surely you'd notice? Unless, you know, you were wacked out your mind on drugs or something.

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