Wednesday, April 14, 2004

CAN I DO YOU NOW, SIR?: We're not quite sure what to make of this - Courtney Love is claiming that a woman posing as a cleaner has robbed her. In an MO that presumably makes sense to Courtney, for some reason this woman was posing as a cleaner, although she sat in the lobby of Love's apartment for five hours (which, of course, cleaners do all the time and wouldn't arouse any sort of suspiscion at all.) And yet, although Courtney apparently clocked this lady as sitting around for the best part of a working day, she didn't seem to be unduly worried - odd, considering the last time she turned up late to court it was because she claimed there was a guy outside waiting to kill her; obviously, in the last couple of weeks Court's become a lot more tolerant of strangers behaving unsualy. Then, somehow, the woman got into the flat, and made off with USD600 and "a bunch of bank documents." The key word here is "somehow", of course. Now, we wouldn't want to suggest that Courtney maybe ate the money and ripped up the bank documents suspecting they might have been a plot from Steve Albini. "The bitch also put a red mini skirt in with my white tutus, and ate all the peanut butter." We expect.

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