Monday, April 12, 2004

THE COAST IS RE-CLEARED: Curve, who were the exact point on the scale where 'shoegaze' became 'goth', are about to reissue their eps as a single, easy to shoplift album. A 2CD set, it's going to pull together virtually all their early adventures, including the first three EPs Blindfold, Frozen and Cherry, along with the first album Doppelganger.

soccer six? No thanks.

Curve, of course, were regarded with a degree of suspiscion by indie purists because Toni Halliday had made records previously that hadn't required the application of mascara to listen to; their repuattion wasn't entirely boosted when they cancelled a gig because they couldn't fit their wind machine on the stage. This purism, of course, failed to notice they had a whole slew of slightly disturbed headfucky tunes and could have saved us from a world in which Oasis ruled, had we but noticed. Time to shake our heads and think what might have been.

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