Thursday, April 15, 2004

DISPATCHES FROM THE MIDDLE AGES: Josh Homme has been talking about the brawl he got himself all muddled up in the other week. He claims that he didn't actually lose, which doesn't surprise us, but the actual cause of the fight he gives is slightly disturbing:

"The guy was talking to my girlfriend and her friend, so I asked him to leave. When he didn't, I knocked him out."

Apart from the obvious point that Brody could probably deck any guy who she didn't want attention from for herself, it kinda makes us wonder if Josh wouldn't fit in a little better down Slater Street on a Friday evening if he doesn't like fellas talking to his bird. We're sure that the guy probably deserved it, though: rumours also suggest that he "called Josh's pint a puff" and "looked at him in a funny way."

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