Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I CAN FILL YOUR MOVE: Time was a Morrissey gig announcement would have had the whole country come to a standstill, gathered round the nearest wireless, breathless, waiting for the details. Now, though, he's just filling in his Hello Kitty Diary with such abandon even Sonya From Echobelly might find it hard to raise more than a "oh, yeah?" with another date being chalked up. Whatever, Mozzer is one of the headliners for this year's Move festival - the 'urban' festival, of course (not that Reading is that rural, is it? Ten minutes from the nearest supermarket and within yomping distance of a McDonalds. It's not bloody Wuthering Heights); this July, with other headliners including Madness and Ocean Colour Scene on the 8th - probably marked down as a dry run with a couple of bands it won't matter overmuch if the electrics are attached to the waterpipes by mistake; The Cure and Elbow on the 9th; the Pixies and The Stereophonics on the tenth, and then Mozzer on the 11th.

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