Sunday, April 18, 2004

IF WE ASK THEM NICELY, WE MIGHT GET A 'VOX' RETROSPECTIVE NEXT MONTH: Of course, the chances are you'll already be signed up to the TV Cream Creamup mailing list thing - the one that brings you a monthly pot pourri of things generally deemed to be, in some way or other, 'creamy', but if you're not, you might want to make good the shortcoming by reading the latest edition online [free membership required] as it's a Britpop special. Well, until about halfway down, anyway. With features on the Britpop alsorans (timely, now that The Longpigs are actually popping up on The Amp for some reason), Radio One's brief period as the nation's best radio station (when they actually dragged Gary Davies out the studio and shot him in the car park behind Portland Place, live on air) and, best of all, a loving history of Select, which tells you everything you need to know about the "Britpop Bible" as it seems to have forever been labelled, except that Kelloggs threatened to sue them over the first 'Magazine in a box.' The Coco Pops people were apparently convinced that passers-by might have assumed that a magazine about Pulp, for sale in a newsagents, really was a Kelloggs cereal product.

It's - as ever - a wonderful read that's just sidelined our plans to spend the morning typing 'courtney love +gusset' into the google news box, which is what passes for research round here and comes highly recommended.

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