Monday, April 19, 2004

IT SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE IT... NOTHING AT ALL: The usually-affable Graham Coxon is spitting mad at constant comparisons between his new single Bittersweet Bundle of Misery and Blur's Coffee and TV. He snorts that the whole thing is just rubbish:

"It’s not at all a resemblance," he said. "Rhythmically it is, but chordally it isn’t at all. Most songs are mostly made up of major or minor chords and there’s a lot of major chords in this like 'Coffee And TV' but the shapes of the chords are completely different."
"I had an awful lot to do with ‘Coffee And TV’. It was an adopted child to me. I started off as an acoustic Damon demo vocal, and I guess I took it the way I thought it would benefit, to write the lyrics and sing it. There will always be similarities between Blur and my stuff as I was responsible for quite a lot of the flavour of Blur songs."

So, that's: it doesn't sound anything like it, but even if it did it would do anyway because all songs are basically alike. Besides, I wrote them both so it would sound the same, anyway.

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