Friday, April 02, 2004

"Avril wanted a very genuine thing to happen with her next record... She really knew that there was something real inside her that was going to come out."

So says Chantal Kreviazuk, who's co-written Avril Lavigne's new album (you know, the one Avril was writing herself?). Oddly, Chantal seems to be doing the early press for the record, presumably because she wrote the songs while Avril made suggestions for what they could be called, we suppose. The funniest thing? Just like Frasier's son Freddie, Avril reckons she's gone Goth. By which we're supposing: extra mascara, black tshirt, trying to deliver lyrics about how her life's shit without breaking into a grin at the thought of the big pile of money she has. Oh hang about, that's not Goth, is it? That's Durst.

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