Thursday, April 01, 2004

MR. WRITER: Kelly Jones out the Stereophonics has written a film script and wants Ewan McGregor to star in it. Listen, Kelly, we've been sending Ewan scripts for years, and he's not ever taken us up on a single role (as a highway who robs people in the nude; as a pirate who sails the sea in the nude; as a jolly butcher who chops meat in the nude; as a naked man chained up in the basement - he took legal action after that one, actually, but to be fair that wasn't a script we sent that time so much as a suggestion) so I wouldn't hold your breath that he'll be getting in touch to appear in the role you propose - as Britain's last hangman or something. And without wanting to prejudge your efforts, if you film shines in the way your songwriting does, could we suggest 'The Film What I Wrote' as a title?

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