Tuesday, April 06, 2004

SEE THAT PUNK? THAT WAS MY... UM, OUR IDEA: Now that the chances of a Ramones reunion seems to have become totally unlikely, Marky Ramone has taken the Alistair Campbell route, touring the world with a one-man show, claiming the whole idea for punk was the Ramones', and the Ramones' alone. if you're in Cardiff, you can catch him tomorrow, but he's doing a full UK tour at the moment. The idea is to scrape together enough cash to buy a ticket home ("it's amazing to see all the older fans and friends mingling with the younger fans. They're the reason I continue touring") and to keep the Ramone flame alive. Mark's loving the genuflection the band get now: "Yes we are commercial, the Ramones are everywhere and that's good because we've always wanted more people to hear our music, and more bands influenced by it." And we'd guess the regular checks from the businesses using Ramones in their ads isn't entirely unwelcome, either. Altogether now: "the Bird's Eye Chicken's the word..."

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