Thursday, April 08, 2004

SIMPLE MINDS: LEE FROM BLUE: Aw, bless. After seven months thinking about it, Lee from Blue has made an official complaint against the police. He's upset because when he was driving when pissed, the police caught him. They confirmed his address to the press, and he's unhappy. This is a selfish little twat driving with nearly twice the legal limit, who was driving so dangerously and with such little awareness of his surroundings that he cut up a police car, and he's blubbing because they revelaed his address - which, we gather, is routine in these matters? Presumably, had he killed someone with his selfish, ignorant behaviour he would have requested the blanket be put over his head rather than the dead guy. Here's a tip, dickhead: you don't want to have the police release your address, don't drive when you're pissed.

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