Monday, April 05, 2004

SIMPLY. DISGUSTING. IT WAS SIMPLY. DISGUSTING: We're wondering what the people who took small children to see Britney Spears in Tornoto told them as they strapped them into the car at the start of the evening? "We're going to go to a big room, with lots of music, and leave in a huff", presumably, as surely there's nobody on the face of the earth who would like Britney Spears enough to shell out for tickets for her gig, and yet wouldn't have been curious enough to either read a review or listen to the new music before turning up? So, we can only assume the parents marching children away from the "lewd" Toronto show must have planned to be outraged all along. One woman shuddered to the National Post that it "was a little too much for this age group", rushing to shield her five year old from Britney's bra. Hang about - what would a five year old be doing at a rock concert anyway? And what sort of person would be so concerned about her kid that she didn't think to check what Britney was likely to be doing on stage in the first place? Are we meant to believe that the toddler had insisted on going to see an artist who was already firmly in the 'adult themes, strong language, sexual references' zone before they were out of nappies?

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