Saturday, April 03, 2004

THAT'S THE SET NOW, ISN'T IT?: Kelly Osbourne keeps up the family tradition, then, following Pop and jack into drug rehab. The thing that probably makes us feel sympathy for her - this is quite a day, positive things to say about Travis and Coldplay, and now sympathy for Kelly Osbourne - is the horrible, cold-faced way the grisly Sharon Osbourne seized on her daughter's problems as the perfect way to boost the flagging Osbournes series on MTV:

Sharon Osbourne said [on Larry King Live] Kelly entered Promises rehabilitation centre in Malibu "a couple of hours" before they appeared on TV.
"As usual with the Osbournes, you never know what's going to happen next," she said.

So, your daughter has just checked into a hospital (okay, a glorified fucking health club) and rather than cancel your appearance on a chat show to be with her, you fly off to take part on the telly show and turn her problem into a fucking commercial. Man, that's some nice mothering skills.

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