Sunday, April 18, 2004

THERE'LL BE A BIND FOR EVERY KIND: There's a battle going on for the hearts of punks in the US, with punkvoter looking for the still beating ones, and intellectualconservative (there are so many oxymoronic names for websites these days, aren't there?) after the cold, leaden sort. StrandedLad sent us this:

Michale Graves of the Misfits has written an article for dissing, et al., for indoctrinating America's youth to hate America. First off, we know the site is run by a bunch of old, rich bastards because they describe the Misfits as a "legendary punk group," when: 1) the Misfits were B-listers with no heart and a good T-shirt artist (I mean, just look at the actual people that you know that listened to them. Think about it.) ; and 2) Graves is whoring for the same bastards that were behind suing real punk bands like the Dead Kennedys out of existence back in the 80s.
Actually, that second point is what's got me punching the wall. After all, the article presumes that punks need someone to tell them to hate America, when the history of America since the 70s has demostrated in no uncertain terms that it is the powerful in America that hate punks. But it's not America we hate. Yes, we hate rich people, Yes, we hate stupid people, So of course we hate the current regime. But mostly it's because they hate us, as they demonstrate by opposing things like a minimum wage hike so we can afford both rent and beer, and by their minions attacking us in bars (ever notice it takes a minimum three frat boys to take on one punk?).  And what do we do when someone hates us? We attack (rhymes with Iraq). And how is Punkvoter telling us to attack? By voting. (Lame, but true.) And here is Graves passing himself off as a punk, and acting surprised that punks don't want to vote for some rich, fratboy jock for Prez. Sellout bastard, go get something pierced if you don't want to feel old and left out. And fuck off.

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