Thursday, April 01, 2004

TWO GUYS NAMED JOE: Stereolab - back in business following the death of Mary Hansen - are readying a double CD retrospective type affair with videos and stuff like that; meanwhile, Laetitia Sadier is about to release a second collection of solo-side-project Monade. All of which is good. Meanwhile, Tim Gane has been explaining the new shape of the band:

There's seven of us now. Obviously, there's no Mary now, and there's no one that's going to sing, apart from Laetitia [Sadier], but we've got... two guys named Joe. One is doing some harpsichord and a computer and some synthesizers, and the other one is [harmonizing with Laetitia using] lots of brass, like cornets and flutes. It's just to bring out the texture and timbre of the instrumental music because we knew there would have to be something different now. It's become hideously complex compared to the old days, but we're trying to make it work naturally... like, flow."

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