Monday, April 05, 2004

UN, HEADS OF WORLD RELIGIONS PLEAD WITH ALANIS NOT TO GIVE UP DAY JOB: Invited to host the Junos, Canada's answer to the Brits and Grammys (or, more often, the answer to 'You have a music industry in Canada, too?), Alanis couldn't wait to show her "funny side:"

"After I said yes to it, I immediately came up with about eight ideas of different bits.
I've been in improv comedy troupes since I was 14 years old. That's definitely a part of me that hasn't necessarily and understandably come out in some of my songs, which just didn't seem appropriate."

This shocks us - Alanis was doing those songs straight-faced? That video where she wanders about in the knack - she wasn't attempting to take the piss out of herself? Jesus Bloody Hairdo. Amongst the 'bits' Alanis did was appearing dressed in a "naked body suit" and ripping her nipples off - either this was a Janet Jackson gag or she was acting out online fanfiction, we're not sure.

Normally, we'd be quick to point out that one lame joke in a naked body suit had eclipsed the awards themselves, but the prizes went to Nickelback, Sam Roberts and Nelly Furtado, so... pretty much in the shadows to begin with.

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