Thursday, April 01, 2004

WELL, THAT'S GOING TO TAKE THE FUN OUT OF COTTAGING: We'd advise you to put down your corn dog before you read much further here. George Michael has been telling the world that he still does casual sex. Giving Marie Claire more information than they could have wanted, he says:

"Neither of us practices monogamy. Well, if one of you does, it's really sad, isn't it? And yes, it works.
There's no getting to know someone you're sleeping with. There's no dining, no going about the social graces, whatever. You have people on the side when you need sex. Simple as that.
No jealousy. After eight years I can walk out the door and tell him I'm off to get my end away. And there's not a piece of him that worries. And vice versa."
He says he and Goss are driven by a desire "for the unknown. Which is what drives men's sexuality."

Well, maybe. We suspect what drives Goss is the desire for a shag that doesn't end up with having to listen to George Michael yakking away at the end of it; and we're a little bit surprised that George's strongest motivation for fucking strangers seems to be that you save on the cost of a meal for two at Bella Itallia or the price of a pair of tickets for the back row of the Bethnal Green Odeon. We're wondering if the whole thing isn't actually a heavily hidden public health campaign:

'Warning - If you are a man who has sex with men, you're putting yourself at risk. Unknown to you, the bloke who looks a bit like an old version of that tosser out of Wham who is giving you head may actually be that tosser out of Wham. And he bloody could have afforded to buy you a Campari and Orange first, the tight git.'

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