Friday, April 02, 2004

WELL... YES, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT: Courtney Love slowly realises her behaviour might affect those around her:

During an appearance on US TV’s ‘The View’ yesterday morning (April 1), the star said her daughter had been "stigmatised" because of her recent behaviour.

"That's why I'm here. This is the first time she's been stigmatised because of me," she said. "And I just snapped. I'm ready to pop them."
She told the show’s hosts her recent antics were the reason Frances Bean, who is 11, had been refused a place at an exclusive girl's school.
"They didn't say it, but I can tell," she said. "I just know. They dissed her bad. And [Frances] called me, and she said, 'Mother!' Where did 'Mother' come from? It's not 'Mom' anymore? And she said, 'I'm outraged!' She tore up the rejection slip, and she put it in her dog's bowl."

Let's just park for a moment the delicious irony of Kurt Cobain's daughter even trying to get in to a cross between the school in 90210 and Roedean, and focus instead on this:

"If I need to dye my hair brown and come on this show every morning [to help Frances], then yeah, I'll do it... My kid is my first priority."

We're just looking back through the last eighteen months or so of press cuttings, and trying to spot exactly what form this prioritiziation has taken.

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