Wednesday, April 07, 2004

WE'RE DREAMING OF MEL C AND MARK OWEN MERGING THEIR LABELS, LIKE A LATTERDAY UNITED ARTISTS: As Mel prepares to cut the middlemen out of her daily affairs and go it alone (okay, there aren't that many middlemen who were looking to get involved with a new Melanie Chisholm album), she's announced some "intimate" (i.e. small) dates (i.e. at least they'll probably sell out), mostly at Barfly venues this June: 12 - Glasgow Barfly; 13 - York Fibbers; 14 - Liverpool Loft; 16 - Cardiff Barfly; 17 - London Barfly. It's a whopping great fourteen quid to get in, mind, answering the question of how she'll be funding releasing her own music.

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