Saturday, April 24, 2004

WITH YOUR BRIEFS AND YOUR WIGS AND YOUR WIGS AND YOUR WITNESS BOXES: Dolores O'Riordan has taken the stand in the really ugly battle between the Cranberries singer and her former nanny.
She told the court that the nanny's suggestions her husband Don Burton drank excessively wasn't true - "he never drinks during the day... maybe in Hawaii on the beach, but not in the house." (Although we have to be honest here: when you've got a half bottle of Drambuie, everywhere's a beach in Hawaii). Dolores didn't deny making the suggestion that her child be dunked in cold water to wake him up, so that he'd sleep through the night instead, but claims it was an "idea that came out of joke." Her take on the events in Canada which lead to the shattering of relations was that Joy Fahy had announced she wanted to go back to Ireland, at what was an innoportune moment. Fahy claims Burton was abusive and drunk at this point; O'Riordon conceeds that Burton "gave out" to the nanny. (No, we don't know quite what that means.)

The case continues on Tuesday, with the cross-examination of Dolores.

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