Saturday, April 17, 2004

YOU 'USH YOUR MOUTH: So it's clear, then, that Usher didn't like the Britney Spears/ Madonna MTV kiss:

"Britney Spears. She's a fool. I'd never have kissed Madonna on national TV.
I don't care how much press she got - I think it was ignorant. I personally have a problem with it.
I don't know how Justin had the heart to keep his mouth shut, but you only had to look at his face to tell he was obviously disgusted.
If there was anything I hated in 2003, that was it. It was a really bad move."

Or so Teenmusic reckons he says, anyway. But we're not quite sure what the problem is. We'd assume he's just recoiling at the thought of women kissing women - why else would he assume that the in-on-it-all Justin reaction was "disgust"; even if it was any of his business anyway - but it seems to be more from his "I wouldn't kiss Madonna" quote that what really turns Usher's stomach is the thought of older people with sex lives. Thank god he grew up in America and didn't have to see Phyllis Pearce's singleminded pursuit of Percy Sugden.

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