Saturday, May 15, 2004

ADD SOME EXTRA COMPLICATIONS: Just when it seemed that Phil Spector might have turned the tide in the case of the dead actor in his house, he's decided to make things a little more complicated for himself, by beating up his driver. The driver apparently placed Spector under Citizen's Arrest after a dispute over "business" descended into the sort of bare-knuckle bout best left to younger, less pudgy, more naked men; Spector then put the driver under Citizen's arrest, too. We didn't know you could do that - we'd always assumed that a citizen's arrest was like bunny ears, and the first person to say the words won. Anyway, with them both having arrested themselves, they had to wait for the real cops to turn up. When they did - we'd imagine they only paused to put in the call to Celebrity Justice, or possibly America's Dumbest Criminals - they charged them both under suspiscion of misdemeanour battery. Both are due in court June 14th, both will be taking public transport.

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