Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ALL OF MP3 ARE BELONG TO US: Nice to see The Guardian reviewing the legally dubious Gigabyte-of-album for ten quid Russian music download site. Their verdict? AllofMP3.com is a bit slow, but with great choice - MP3 or ogg vorbis - and brilliant quality. Of course, when we say "legally dubious", we mean in the sense that it upsets British record labels, but they've had their chance - if they don't stop trying to squeeze every last penny out of the people keen to establish a proper download service in Europe soon, there won't be anyone left to sell downloads too; just some reasonably well-off Russians. The Russians, of course, will spend their cash buying underperforming Premiership clubs, but that's really off our patch.

Big Bubbles has a further point about All of MP3 - that there's nothing there that you wouldn't find in a high street store, and as such, nothing much worth downloading, even at about sixty pence for an album. Although they're tempted to download a few Coldplay tracks just in case this technology really is killing muzak.

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