Thursday, May 13, 2004

"AND WE'LL GO ON BEARING THE GRUDGE UNTIL THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE FOUND: Radio stations across America are still refusing to play the Dixie Chicks over their "we're ashamed the President comes from Texas" quote. Of course, the stations are quick to claim they're not banning the Chicks for not being pro-Bush, just that "the fans don't like it." Shane Finch of WTRS (Thunder County, Florida) says it's all about polling:

We really watched that interview to gauge whether to put them back on the radio or not the next morning."
Shortly after the controversy in March, Finch polled his audience and found about 98 percent wished to ban the group from the airwaves.
Recently he slid the Chicks into a promotional advertisement on the radio, along with other bands whose music the station would play.
"We got lambasted for even that promo," he said. So he decided the station would still not play the Chicks.
"We just polled our listeners and found they were not willing to forgive them until they showed some remorse," he said. "They've never come off as acting as if they are even remotely sorry for what they said.

Remorse? For not having the same opinion as somebody else? Okay.

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