Friday, May 14, 2004

CHAKA CHAKA CHAKA KHAN. CHAKA CHAKA CHAKA KHAN. CHAKA KHAN, LET ME HONOUR YOU. LET ME HONOUR YOU CHAKA KHAN: Who would you pick as woman of the year? Chaka Khan, apparently, according to the "I'm Every Woman" Conference. Mind you, they probably had no choice having hijacked her song as the title for their event - if it had been the "Simply The Best" conference then it would have been Tina Turner picking up the prize. And if it had been called "Can You See My Gusset Fest", the Christina would have been croaking her gratitude.

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Anonymous said...

Just a shame they couldn't get Donna Summer...Chaka Khan always sounded like some crappy Japanese wrestler from the mid name that is, not in music...


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