Tuesday, May 11, 2004

HIGHLY PAID WORK COLLEAGUES DON'T GET ON OUTSIDE WORK SHOCK: Some people were shocked to discover that people only working together didn't really get on, it was announced today. "My world has literally been destroyed, as if a hurricane had come through and ripped up everything in its path," said a person, as emergency authorities struggled to cope with the victims of the greatest con-trick of all time. "All the while I believed that Britney and Beyonce were great chums who made the Pepsi advert because of a bond of mutual respect and love for the soft drink, and now it turns out they don't like each other. Next thing, they'll be telling me they prefer Coke or something..."

They painted in the Pepsi cans later. And then they painted in Beyonce. And then they painted in Britney.

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