Thursday, May 13, 2004

IT'S NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU MANY PLACES LEFT TO PLAY, CHRIS: Chris DeBurgh has vowed never to play Ireland again, because "people in Ireland have a problem celebrating success. I made a decision a few years ago, that I'd never peform there again. Why should I put up with that kind of negativity? I won't have the people I love being hurt." That might be an unfortunate turn of phrase, since the reason Ireland turned on him was his affair - he'd jumped the bones of his 19 year old nanny while his wife was in hospital with a broken neck. A curious way to protect your loved one's feelings. Still, if all it takes is a spot of negativity to keep DeBurgh from playing in a country, could I say on behalf of Britain "You look like a puzzled gnome, DeBurgh" - and if any other nations want to associate themselves with that, do feel free.

DeBurgh once sent a letter to the chair of A&M Records insisting "there is life after the Sex Pistols."

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