Thursday, May 27, 2004

THE KISSING DISEASE: So, we're lead to believe that Mozzer pulled out of Craig Kilborn because he had meningitis - obviously not the really bad sort. Seems Morrissey had a weak immune system after the promotional drudge and it let the bugs have an easy time with him. That might be how he managed to pick up 'the talking to the nme' disease again.


barbara flaska said...

You're Sucha Romantic Sometimes!

KISSING DISEASE = Mononucleosis.

INFLAMMATION OF THE BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD COVERING = Meningitis. And, yes, even in a mild form, depending on the mood of the universe that day, the after effects can mess up people's hearing, vision, and control over their voices among other things. No such thing as a "light" case of meningitis where sequelae are concerned. Just getting my required number of words into a blog somewhere today.

simon h b said...

Ah, this might be the pitfalls of common names for things - having a quick google, it seems virtually anything that can be spread by intimate physical contact (meningitis, mono, babies) has been labelled "the kissing disease" at some point or other. I guess the main message is: don't kiss, it's dirty and wrong...

barbara flaska said...

Not just that, Simon, like the meningitis it so profligately passes along, kissing can inflame your brain and make you go all shaky and strange. Just keep it firmly in mind if you don't want that to happen to you.

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