Wednesday, May 12, 2004

OOH, SLAP ME: It's interesting that Avril Lavigne is still choosing to define herself in terms of what she isn't - "I'm not, and never said I was, a punk", "I'm not a teenager" and, most important of all, "I'm not Britney Spears." Although why she needs to point that out isn't clear, because if she was she'd have much better songs, she's kicked off on Brit again. Avril fumed on radio:

The “Complicated” singer says Spears “dresses like a showgirl” and dances “like a ho.”
“’I mean, the way Britney dresses, would you walk round the street in a fucking bra?” Lavigne said. “You won’t see me on stage in a sexy outfit or my hair in ribbons. If that’s what someone wants to do then so be it, but I wouldn’t be seen dead looking like that.”

We're not sure why the whole "hair in ribbons" thing is so upsetting to Avril - god, she must think the Little House on The Prarie girls where just a bunch of strumpets - and we'll let go, this once, her insistence that she wouldn't wear "sexy outfits" with just the merest mention of her bouncing round the bedroom in little shorts in the new video, and just focus on the "would you walk round the street in a fucking bra" bit. Does Avril actually think that Britney dresses like that off stage? That she pops up to the shops for a box of Capstan Full Strength wearing a Pleather catsuit, or that she calls down "I'm off to Tescos, I'm just stripping myslef naked and covering myself with glitter and diamonds"?

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