Wednesday, May 12, 2004

SAID 'SEE YOU LATER, BOY': So, Avril Lavigne reckons the reason why she doesn't have a boyfriend is because whenever guys try to get close to her, her minders push them away. You don't think it could be becase you're a twenty year old woman who dresses like she's twelve, and your songs give the impression that a conversation with you would never rise much above 'see spot run'?

Mind you, at least Avril can blame someone else for her barren streak: Mariah Carey has only herself to blame, reports Page Six:

LIFTING your skirt may not be the best way to get a date - Mariah Carey learned that the hard way while flirting with a particularly handsome male suitor last Tuesday night at nightclub Marquee.
The singer arrived at the club around midnight wearing a precariously low-cut mini-dress, black fishnet thigh-highs and a towering blonde ponytail.
Accompanied by a single girlfriend and a phalanx of bodyguards, she sipped wine, wiggled to the music and waved to the crowd of gawking club-goers. One buffbodied, shaggy haired fan caught her eye and she invited him past the goons for a chat.
Suddenly, the simpering singer lifted up her skirt, flashing a healthy expanse of thigh, perhaps in hopes of sealing the deal. Carey’s candidate took one look at her offerings and immediately disappeared back into the crowd.

Our guess is that it wasn't until he saw her nearly naked that he recognised who he'd been trying to cop off with.

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