Friday, May 21, 2004

SMELL LIKE DIDDY: Puff Daddy has decided it's time to branch out one more time, adding a bottle of stink to his many businesses. Curiously, despite already having fifty-six names to choose from, it's not going to be marketed as Sean Combs or P Diddy or Puff Daddy, but it'll go under his trouser-making name, Sean John. The bad boy image is a bit undermined since he's hooking up with Estee Lauder to do the tricky bits. But god, do those Lauder folk know how to grease:

"Sean Combs is the Great Gatsby of our time" says Estee man John Demsey.

We're sure he meant it as a compliment, although if we recall Eng Lit classes, wasn't The Great Gatsby a man driven to do anything to gain money and social status, gathering all his wealth from criminal activities, and pretty much a vulgarian? It does sound like Sean Combs to us, but that seems an odd judgement from someone who's just gone into business with the fellow.

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Anonymous said...

With Great Gatsby you mean the famous hair gel maker??


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