Tuesday, May 11, 2004

SOON, YOU SHALL ALL SHARE IN MY PAIN: Trent Reznor is readying his first album in five years, and it has the very Nine Inch Nails name of Bleed Through. (Although: we know he's thinking of some metaphor of pain deal here, but it still sounds to us a little like a Good Housekeeping warning about the dangers of using those Tesco Value sanitary products).


Trent is especially proud that there's not going to be a single chord on Bleed Through; and he's discovered a demo track that he and his engineer have no recollection of ever making which is also going on. I think the idea is that it's a mysterious vision that came to him in a dream; we're just hoping it doesn't turn out to be a Hanson demo that got muddled up with his by mistake.

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