Monday, May 10, 2004

SQUEAL LIKE A HOG: This comes to us from Page Six:

"DANCE music master Aphex Twin wants Madonna to squeal like a pig. The diva agreed to contribute hog-like, grunting sounds reminiscent of Ned Beatty's famous man-on-man rape scene in "Deliverance" for Twin's upcoming album. But, says Twin, she changed her mind before he ever got to see her go hog-wild. "I wanted Madonna to just do stupid noises," he tells London's Daily Record. "There wasn't going to be any singing on the track. Just grunts, moans and pig impersonations. I really wanted to hear Madonna doing a pig."

Actually, if you want to hear Madonna doing strange noises, just hire Swept Away on DVD.

The same edition of Page Six also reports that Christina "too ill to do the big tour" has been off trilling her heart out in the studio. Funny that.

[Thanks to Amblongus]

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