Monday, May 17, 2004

TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD: We find something slightly endearing about Daniel Bedingfield's claims that God tipped off his parents three weeks before he his New Zealand car crash that he was going to be in a motor accident of some sort. Daniel doesn't share exactly what form God's tip-off came: angels dancing about singing, the Holy Father sidling up to Papa Bedingfield in a pub and whsipering "Your boy... should watch his speed." Or maybe just channeling through one of Living TV's psychics. There's a further possibility, of course, that it was just an anonymous note the parents assumed must be from God, and there's a chap going round with brake fluid over his hands shrugging "I tried to warn 'im what would 'appen if 'e kept taking business from Will Young." But let's assume for a moment that it was God - why would God be going round warning people of upcoming non-fatal car accidents? Does he do this sort of thing all the time? Does he often contact the Bedingfields about what's coming next - "Your daughter? FHM cover shoot- September; upskirt shot of her panties on the front of the Daily Sport sometime mid-October; disappointing first album sales; dropped by the record label just before Christmas and spending most of 2005 in a touring version of Cats."

Talking about the accident itself, Bedingfeld says "I'm not sure why I lost control of the car." Well, wasn't the summation of the New Zealand police that you weren't driving properly - isn't that why you're having to take those lessons now you're back in the UK, because otherwise you'd have been prosecuted?

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