Thursday, May 13, 2004

WELL DONE, PLUCKY CANADA: As if Avril Lavigne damning you isn't bad enough, Canada has also got to cope with being patted on the head by Bono. Apparently confusing a country with a child entering a fancy dress competition, Bono felt the need to go and give a thumbs up for the work Canada is doing to help with the Aids crisis. If all Canada gets for its efforts is a visit and some smuggings from a self-promoting former rock star, what would Estonia expect? Tess Daly and a certificate she's printed off on a computer?

Not that Canada seems to mind - or at least, Premier Paul Martin, who's about to plunge into an election. Bono, showing his complete inability to understand the way the world works, tried to deny that he was doing anything that had anything to do with the election at all:

"I'm not here to elect Paul Martin or the Liberal party. I'm here to elect our issue — the AIDS emergency. ... I'm here to elect that to office, that's really it."

Righto, Bono. So this wouldn't have been a photo opportunity for Martin, would it?

It would be almost comical that Bono doesn't realise he's just being used to try and shore up the twenty-thirtysomething vote, time and time again, if he didn't keep being given such responsibility by dimwitted vote whores like New Labour. Since the Canadian government had already taken the decision to double its International Aids fund (to CAD70 million), what else did Bono think his presence was for if not to show that Martin is down with slightly younger folk? We've already had the unedifying sight of Mr. Vox taking tea with George Bush - all that cost the Bush campaign was a few promises that they've not even delivered on yet. We're sure Bono has a splendid scrapbook of all the rich and powerful people he's met, but really: if he wants to help the fight against Aids, why not just charge them a flat rate for the visual endorsement and pass that on to UNICEF or someone?

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